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It really targets the core. Great way to reduce bloating. Whitney Cummings and Chris D’Elia Who’s your ideal drinking buddy, living or dead? Chris D’Elia: Tupac Whitney Cummings: Chelsea Handler Lenny Kravitz If you were undead, would you be a vampire, zombie or ghost? A ghost. Janel Parrish If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? In-N-Out Burger! Giuliana Rancic What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Beauty pageants. I used to pray every night that I would become Miss USA. Julia Stiles If failure weren’t an option, what’s one thing you would do? Be in a rock band. Kaitlin Olson What’s your guiltiest pleasure? The “Real Housewives” of wherever. Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout What shows are always on your DVR? Maci Bookout: “Suits” Catelynn Lowell: “Breaking Amish” Nikki Reed Who’s your ideal drinking buddy, living or dead? Nikki Reed: Is it horribly cliche to say Nora Ephron? I really would love to be in that mind for five seconds. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. You know, women that inspire other women to better themselves and to really pave the way, so I have a lot of respect for her. Busy Phillipps Whats your secret/hidden talent? Busy Phillipps: Im very crafty, and its not really a secret since the invention of Twitter and Instagram. But I make these pretty awesome 3D sculptural cakes and I make my daughter little crafty things and we do a lot of that stuff at my house, so its not a secret. Just my talent. Autumn Reeser If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? A really good bottle of wine. That’s it. Sarah Paulson What happens in your recurring dream/nightmare? I have to perform onstage in minutes and I don’t know any of my lines and no one can find the script. I dream this constantly. Bobby Brown What’s your favorite Motown song? “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Cory Hardrict Have you ever set a Google Alert for yourself? Yeah I have Google Alert.

Celebrity Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. Brings Tips For Kidney-Friendly Foods and Football Tailgating to H

One example of this is the celebrity multi-family office, which is designed to meet the needs and wants of highly successful entertainers and athletes. Celebrities can especially benefit from the coordinated approach, characteristic of a multi-family office, explains Richard Flynn, principal with the Rothstein Kass family office group . Of course, the staff must be expert at overseeing the integration of investment management, advanced planning, private investment banking, business strategy, and related support services. While most high-profile successes appear to have a charmed life, there is usually an intense back-story filled with frustrations and anxieties that cannot be overlooked. Even when they have achieved levels of fame and fortune long sought in our culture, most celebrities find their status has its drawbacks. Were all familiar with the stories about bankruptcy and overspending in show business, says Hannah Shaw Grove, executive editor of Private Wealth magazine and principal of the boutique consultancy HSGrove . Most entertainers and celebrities have a limited window in which they can earn consistently high incomes, so they need a strong team of professionals around them to help protect and leverage their assets into something greater. Athletes dont fare much better. Every move an athlete makes is observed, analyzed, and frequently second-guessed by coaches, managers, teammates, fans, and members of the press. Since a great number of people and organizations, such as sports federations and commercial sponsors, rely on winning athletes to generate revenue, its understandable that most athletes feel the pressure and are afraid of failure. Celebrities seeking a financial advisory relationship are increasingly attracted to the multi-family office model, which integrates select core aspects of a business managers job with a broad array of financial and legal expertise. According to Miguel Forbes , vice chairman of the Forbes Family Trust, Successful entertainers and athletes are turning to multi-family offices, who can help them navigate their financial worlds and are nimble enough to offer business strategy and support services specific to them. Celebrity multi-family offices offer a broad array of expertise, including advanced planning, which is a suite of cutting-edge services that help wealthy individuals and families structure their assets to be as tax-effective and secure as possible. According to Frank Seneco, president of Seneco & Associates , The ability of entertainers, for example, to leverage their loan-out corporations can prove extremely profitable. Advisors in multi-family offices can also offer business strategy and support, handling licensing agreements or business ventures with the celebrities names attached and helping them capitalize on their success to generate significant monies. All too often, less knowledgeable advisors will let celebrities not well versed in these areas dive into business deals with a very limited chance of success. When celebrities call on advisors to develop a business model, it means the advisors must go beyond the role of a traditional multi-family office, business manager, or management consultant, because theyre tackling the clients financial and tax issues all along the way, explains Flynn. The celebrity multi-family office offers two critical advantages to successful entertainers and athletes. One is an in-depth understanding of the celebrity world.

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Actor George Wendt is 65. Country singer Alan Jackson is 55. Actor Grant Shaud (Murphy Brown) is 53. Animator Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead) is 51. Comedian Norm Macdonald is 50. Singer Rene Dif (Aqua) is 46. Reggae singer Ziggy Marley is 45. Singer Chris Kirkpatrick of N Sync is 42. Rapper Eminem is 41. Singer Wyclef Jean of The Fugees is 41. Actress Sharon Leal (Boston Public) is 41.


Celebrity Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. Brings Tips For Kidney-Friendly Foods and Football Tailgating to H by Business Wire via The Motley Fool Oct 17th 2013 8:33AM Updated Oct 17th 2013 8:34AM Celebrity Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. , host of Food Network’s cooking show ” Big Daddy’s House “, are bringing the “flavor of bold” to Houston on Tuesday, Oct. 22. With more than 32,000 dialysis patients in Texas and football season in full swing, McCargo will visit Houston as part of a five-city, cross-country tour to meet with dialysis patients and their families and tell them about kidney-friendly tailgating foods that are affordable, easy to make and enjoyable for the entire family. An estimated 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is a progressive, usually permanent loss of kidney function. When CKD leads to kidney failure, the only treatments are a kidney transplant or dialysis, a filtering process that removes waste products and extra fluids from the blood. To stay healthy, people on dialysis also have to limit their intake of potassium, phosphorus, salt and saturated fats. While that can make their meals bland and boring, McCargo and FMCNA have developed a collection of mouth-watering kidney-friendly recipes to put variety and bold flavors back in their diets. Free and open to the public, McCargo’s appearances at two of the 36 FMCNA clinics in the Houston area are intended to share cooking tips and delicious tailgating recipes developed for dialysis patients in collaboration with the company’s dietitians. McCargo will offer samples from some of his tastiest tailgating recipes, such as honey-chipotle chicken wings and fall harvest orzo pasta salad, at the following locations: Fresenius Medical Care Museum District 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.