Food Events In The Washington Area

It wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron requesting an inquiry. The level of food poverty in the U.K. is not acceptable. Its scandalous and it is causing deep distress to thousands of people, Trussell Trust Executive Chairman Chris Mould said in an e-mailed statement. The time has come for an official and in-depth inquiry into the causes of food poverty and the consequent rise in the usage of food banks. Food prices have risen by 12.6 percent more than inflation over the past six years, outstripping wages, and higher energy prices are likely to see more people forced to choose between eating and heating this winter, the charity said. Food-bank clients are giving back food items that need cooking because they cant afford to turn on the electricity, the trust said. There are twice as many food banks as last year, accounting for some of the increase in demand, the trust said, though well-established food banks are also reporting that theyre helping more people. Welfare Overhaul An overhaul of the welfare system has led more people to seek help, the trust said, with 117,442 people referred to food banks by agencies including the health service, social workers and police because of delays in welfare payments compared with 35,597 last year. Camerons spokesman, Jean-Christophe Gray, said the increase had been driven by the government axing restrictions on officials referring people to food banks and reflected a British tradition of charitable help for the poor. Use of the facilities increased 10 times under the Labour government that left office in 2010, he added. Its this government that has lifted the block on job centers being able to point people in the direction of the type of additional assistance that food banks provide, Gray told reporters in London . The U.K. has a proud tradition of voluntary and charitable organisations providing additional support alongside the welfare system. The previous government stopped job centers, where job seekers register for unemployment benefit and seek work, issuing vouchers for food banks because they said other help was available and they could not provide consistent support as they were unevenly distributed around the country.

410-795-6432. . BOOK SIGNING: Kathy Hunt discusses and signs copies of Fish Market. Copies of the book will be 20 percent off during the signing. 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Free. La Cuisine, 323 Cameron St., Alexandria. 703-836-4435. . COOKING CLASS: Javier Angeles Beron teaches a session on Peruvian cuisine. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The class repeats Oct. 26. $65; $120 per couple. Gua-Rapo, 2039 Wilson Blvd., Arlington.

Food pantry to open for VCU students in need

So its been something that Ive seen occur, and Im glad that the university is finally stepping up and taking the initiative and saying, Okay, we need to do something about this. Katie Vatalaro Hill, assistant director of the Wellness Resource Center, said that hunger is a rising problem among college students that many dont know about. Hill said college students are often perceived as a privileged population. In some cases, thats true, but in other cases they may not have money for food, Hill added. In celebration of Food Day next week, the Wellness Resource Center will host a canned food drive with all the donations going to the food pantry for college students. Food is a basic right, in my mind, and you cant do well in school if youre not eating consistently. Making sure that all of our students have access to food is important for academic success, said Hill. Greg Deekens, the student leader for stewardship at Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, would like to have a revolving door of food and students who find themselves in that dire need. You hear all the time about food pantries for the homeless and people like that, but not necessarily for college students. We have expenses for tuition and books and sometimes food goes by the wayside, Deekens said. Liz Swilley, Service Chair for the Catholic Campus Ministry, has helped with organizing the food pantry. Swilley said that before she was approached about starting the pantry, she didnt realize hunger among students was a problem. This is a real issue that is easily overlooked and is present all around us, Swilley said. Overall, Swilley said she wants all students to feel comfortable when seeking help with food and using the pantry. Its not about being a certain religion and having those resources because you belong to one of these three main facets.