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D.O.M., his restaurant in Sao Paulo, ranks No. 6 on San Pellegrinos list of the Worlds Best Restaurants (it was No. 4 last year). His $300-per-person private dinner at the festival tomorrow, A Night at D.O.M., sold out quickly after tickets went on sale in May. The dinner, sponsored by Bank of America , will feature some of Atalas signature dishes such as heart-of-palm fettuccine carbonara and lime-and-banana ravioli. Im super happy that chefs and critics are open to Amazonian ingredients, said Atala, a former amateur boxer and disc jockey who discovered a love for cooking through a backpacking trip in Europe. Charity Time With his success, Atala makes time for charity. His treks in the Amazon introduced him to deforestation. He sends food regularly to indigenous people, including the Baniwa Indians . Its my way to say to people, please its super important to try to give back, Atala said. This year, he traveled to New York to cook alongside Daniel Boulud and Daniel Humm at a fundraiser for the Brazil-based Pele Little Prince Research Institute that provides health care to children. Atala did a cooking demonstration in New York last week for Gastromotiva , a Sao Paulo-based program that teaches culinary skills to underprivileged young adults. He has hired some of its graduates. Think Tank Last year, Atala started his nonprofit ATA Institute, a think tank that promotes fair-trade practices in the Amazon region and aims to improve the lives of its residents.

Top food blogs of 2013

To arrive at the final 25, we factored in the number of average unique visitors (this accounted for 50 percent of each blogs score) and the data from the three social media components (which accounted for the remaining 50 percent). The blogs with the highest total scores made the cut. While the list didnt change dramatically from last year, there were a few notable differences. The Kitchn made a leap from number six up to number two, and Picky Palate jumped from number 12 up to number five on our list. Skinnytaste , which ranked third last year, fell to number 10 this year, and David Lebovitz , whose star just keeps rising, jumped from number 11 up to number six. Simply Recipes held onto the top spot for the fourth year in a row. There were also several newcomers, while others fell off the list entirely. This year we welcome Bakers Royale , Chocolate & Zucchini , Elanas Pantry , Food52 , Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef , Simple Bites , and Thug Kitchen to our list, while we say goodbye to Annies Eats , Gluten-Free Goddess, Mommys Kitchen , Our Best Bites , Pinch My Salt, TasteSpotting , and A Year of Slow Cooking. Falling off our list in no way indicates a drop in quality; reasons vary from blog to blog. Some have slowed down the rate of posting entries; others have simply been surpassed by other blogs in traffic. The blogs on our list offer everything from recipes to breaking restaurant news to simple musings about life and food, but theyre all worthy of being on your radar if you love food. 1Simply Recipes Simply Recipes A virtual recipe box of founder Elise Bauers favorite homespun dishes, Simply Recipes features her tried-and-true recipes, along with those crafted by family and friends.

His tip? “Make sure you sort through the schedule and get tickets to events that suit your taste buds, whether you love burgers or tacos or pizza, or you prefer a more intimate dinner with a renowned chef and winemaker.” What if it’s your first time attending the festival? “I wouldn’t recommend attending more than one or two events per day to ensure you have time to fully enjoy everything.” Know how to get around New York City is over 300-square-miles of skyscrapers and rushing crowds. It can be easy to get lost, but luckily we live in the age of smartphones, which help even the most directionally-challenged among us at least look like we know where we’re going. Andrew Zimmern, host of the festival’s Oktoberfest event, recommends a few apps to make your life easier. “It’s great to keep an itinerary on your smartphone with links to the venues you’ll be visiting, so you’ll always have the addresses handy. Uber is a great app to have on hand for transport. Just request a car when you need it and they’ll send one right to you.” Want to take mass transit for an authentic NYC experience? “The Embark NYC app will help you navigate the subway system.” And if you’d rather take a cab? “Be sure to download HAILO.” NEW YORK CITY: The complete foodie travel guide Drink water It may seem obvious, but it can be hard to gauge how much alcohol you’re actually drinking when it’s just a swig of beer here, a sip of wine there at these tastings. Elizabeth A. Karmel, Executive Chef of Hill Country Barbecue Market, recommends drinking “four to five bottles of water before you go to any event that serves alcohol, that way you are completely hydrated and will be less likely to over-imbibe”. Another way to avoid being the guy falling asleep at the wine tasting? “Start the day off with a solid meal,” she advises. Dress appropriately Sounds like our food experts dabble in fashion as well.