New York Comic Con 2013: The Beauties And Beasts

“Their agenda is not animal welfare. It’s animal rights.” “We bred horses to be powerful, willing partners in our civilization,” said Hansen, who wore a long coat and feathered felt hat. “They project their own human emotions onto horses.” Like many New York classics, the Central Park carriage ride was immortalized in cinema. In Woody Allen’s “Manhattan,” Allen’s character kisses his young girlfriend, played by Mariel Hemingway, in the back seat of a carriage. The image has been used again and again in TV series such as “Sex in the City,” “Seinfeld” and “30 Rock.” “People come to us for the clip-clop,” said Hansen. “Nobody wants to pet a fender.” ‘VERY NEW YORK’ Clinton Park Stables, home to 78 horses, sits on the far west side of Manhattan, a 20 minute ride from Central Park. It was built in the 1880s for street sweepers’ horses. “Because this is an urban stable, every square foot is used for something,” said Hansen, as she led a tour past old-fashioned carriages, manufactured in Indiana, and a blacksmith working on a horseshoe along a row of 80-square-foot stalls. The rules regulating the carriage industry are set by the city. Horses work no more than 9 hours a day, and every year spend at least five weeks on a farm. A veterinarian examines every horse twice a year and city inspectors visit regularly. Hansen, a former doctoral student in French history, jokes that the stable has more inspections “than a day-care facility.” Over the last 30 years, three horses have died in traffic accidents – in 1985, 1990 and 2006. New York Class counts 19 accidents over the last two years that resulted in injury, but the carriage industry says most of them were minor incidents.

Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra.

Organizers estimate around 125,000 people will have filed through the convention center over the sold-out four days ending Sunday making it the second largest nerdfest in the country behind the Hulk-sized San Diego Comic Con. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 28-year-old Ken Crofton dressed as Thanos. But one thing San Diego cant match are the Big Apple beauties. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 28-year-old Mariana Li as Superwoman. Marisa Semioli, 20, of Staten Island endured plenty of cat calls on the way to the convention floor in her latex and faux-fur Black Cat costume, including from a few uncultured clods who confused her with Catwoman. I got a lot of, I could be your Spider-Man, she said as she was flocked by admirers Saturday. You feel like youre the character, its a great feeling. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News Yaya Han dressed as Madam Hydra. RELATED: WHAT THE TREK IS GOING ON! Pratt Institute student Molly Glover, a huge Game of Thrones fan, recruited seven friends from school to form a human Iron Throne from the HBO fantasy series. The 20-year-old budding costume designer started in August and made the costume out of fabric and spray-painted pool noodles. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News 25-year-old Sarah Nielsen dressed as Black Widow. I wanted to find people who were willing to contribute and all of my friends graciously accepted, said Glover. Bryan Pace for New York Daily News Stacey Weiland dressed as Mad Moxie from the video game Borderlands.

Is New York Knicks Coach Mike Woodson on the Hot Seat?

The only things that will determine his role with the team beyond this season are meeting expectations and staying on good terms with Anthony, both of which are scenarios that could very easily not come to fruition. Knicks Ownership Desperate for a Winner Desperate teams take drastic measures and after the Knicks traded for Anthony, they entrenched themselves firmly in win-now mode. With Amar’e Stoudemire’s knees deteriorated to the point where he’ll never live up his contract and newly re-signed J.R. Smith coming off knee surgery and a substance-abuse suspension, the Knicks’ situation defines desperate. Stoudemire’s situation led to New York trading for Bargnani and signing World Peace as insurance at the forward position. Woodson and the Knicks are under immense pressure to perform this season and if they don’t, owner James Dolan will be more than willing to make a reactionary move or three. Getting rid of Woodson fits the bill. New York Fans Won’t Accept Mediocrity It’s not just the owner who’s prone to reactionary moves, as a New York fan base starved for a winning basketball team will likely force Dolan into drastic decisions if the Knicks don’t excel this season. Fans would be devastated to see Anthony go, regardless of whether they view him as a player who can lead a team to a championship or not. Anthony’s departure would leave Knicks fans feeling as slighted as Lakers fans when Dwight Howard chose Houston over Los Angeles. No matter what kind of season he has, fans know he’s the meal ticket that will keep New York in the playoffs over the next few seasons and will look elsewhere for a scapegoat. That scapegoat has a tendency to be the head coach. Despite the Knicks picking up Woodson’s option, there are many things working against him in his quest to return beyond the 2013-14 season. If Woodson can guide the Knicks at least to the second round again and preferably into the Eastern Conference finals, he has a fighter’s chance to retain his job.

New York Jets Have to Balance Flight as Schedule Gets Tougher

Patience is the virtue Jet fans need to hang onto when it comes to Geno. Each week is 60 minutes more of NFL and learning experiences than he had before, something to be looked at as hope. In the coming weeks, Marty Mornhinweg will play a key role as he has in Geno’s development thus far. Play calling has been encouraging overall but against the Steelers it was questionable. Even though Pittsburgh displayed supreme coverage, the offense was dull. The first few weeks, Smith was put in a position where he didn’t have to do too much but still could use his strongest attribute (his arm) and throw down the field. We can expect Mornhinweg to reinsert some more of what we saw earlier and maybe some more base formation runs for Powell and Chris Ivory. The Jets defense has been a strong point overall and that is credit to Rex Ryan. If there is one thing we can count on, it’s Rex being on top of his game defensively. The front seven has been one of the best in the NFL, allowing the second fewest rush yards per game (75.7). The Jets’ problems on defense start and end with the secondary, which has gotten torched by quarterbacks the last three weeks. The Jets only have one interception, good for last in the league. Much of the onus has to be put on Antonio Cromartie , who got beat over the top for a 55-yard touchdown against Pittsburgh that proved to be the biggest score of the game. With Ryan’s defense, Cro is left alone without help and has gotten beat on some scores in addition to taking penalties downfield.