Time: ‘new Cowboys’ In The United States Of Texas

Standpoint Research Downgrades United States Steel Corp. to Hold (X)

Panama was about 90 seconds from beating the United States and advancing to a playoff against New Zealand for a World Cup berth. The fans at Estadio Rommel Fernandez in Panama City were ready to start a nationwide celebration. And then the Americans stunned not just an opponent, but an entire country. Graham Zusi and Aron Johannsson scored in second-half stoppage time, and the United States rallied for a 3-2 win that left Mexicos World Cup hopes alive and knocked out the Panamanians. It shows you how brutal football can be. For one side thats almost there, and then the other side is back in, U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann said. Now obviously you feel for the people. You feel for an entire country. The U.S., which clinched a World Cup berth last month, didnt use most of its regular starters, and Gabriel Torres put Panama ahead in the 18th minute in a downpour. Michael Orozco tied it the 64th minute, just as Costa Rica took a 2-1 lead at home against Mexico. Luis Tejada scored in the 83rd, putting Panama back into fourth place and the playoff berth. Mexico, which last missed the World Cup in 1990, would have been eliminated, and the Panamanians would have kept alive their chance to reach the World Cup for the first time.

United States of America averts default in the 11th hour

Cowen writes: The U.S. is experiencing ever greater economic inequality and the thinning of its middle class; Texas is already one of our most unequal states. Americas safety net is fraying under the weight of ballooning Social Security and Medicare costs; Texas safety net was built frayed. Americans are seeking a cheaper cost of living and a less regulated climate in which to do business; Texas has those in spades. And did we mention theres no state income tax? Cheap living is luring people to Texas along with jobs, he writes, saying Texas added 12 percent of all jobs nationwide with 274,700. The Americans heading to Texas and other cheap-living states are a bit like the mythical cowboys of our pastself-reliant, for better or worse, he writes. He acknowledges major downsides: Many Americans will have to downsize their living quarters involuntarily. People in the shrinking middle class who want to have more than one child may find the costs too high. There is no longer the expectation, much less the guarantee, that living standards double or even increase much with each generation. But its not all bad newsespecially if we take the right steps to prepare. The flood of Americans moving to Texas shows us where we need to focus our attention; what these migrants have found in Texas shows us ways many of our cities and states can improve. He says the public education system must be more rigorous, and other states also can incorporate some of the lessons Texas has to teach. He says states could deregulate building in order to lower costs (San Francisco needs to become more like Houston when it comes to zoning) and cut down on occupational licensing.

The reopening of the federal government is good news for small business owners in the Metro area. However, the greatest sigh of relief was from the District of Columbia government. The District, unlike every other state, county, and city is prohibited from using its own locally-raised funds without Congressional approval. The end of the government shutdown averts a funding crisis for the city. The federal government is asking the press to inform federal workers that the government shutdown is over. It is official the United States of America federal government shutdown is over. President Barack Obama said the shutdown will end immediately after he signs the law tonight. Federal workers will return to work immediately. Although there are some Americans who believe that the shutdown was about motives other than stopping the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; it is proven that two million Americans signed a petition to defund the act because they sincerely believe that it will destroy small business in America. Examiner.com will continue to research and investigate the act and the charges that it will hurt millions of American families. “This fight was about the healthcare act.

(Photo-illustration/ Sarah Illenberger for TIME)

The companys market cap is $3.436 billion. United States Steel Corp. also was the recipient of unusually large options trading activity on Tuesday. Investors purchased 25,917 call options on the company. This represents an increase of approximately 112% compared to the average volume of 12,209 call options. United States Steel Corp. (NYSE:X) last released its earnings data on Tuesday, July 30th. The company reported ($0.54) earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of ($0.77) by $0.23. The company had revenue of $4.43 billion for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $4.61 billion. During the same quarter in the previous year, the company posted $0.69 earnings per share. The companys revenue for the quarter was down 11.7% on a year-over-year basis.

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